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Am Not Getting Married Again- Iyabo Ojo



actress, Iyabo Ojo, has put behind her the allegation that she is searching for
new lover, adding that there is nothing like that on her mind at the moment.


Ojo, who returned recently from London,
the pretty mother of two (Festus and Priscilla) says getting married again does
not even occur to her, let alone searching for a new lover.


dresser described the tale that she will remarry is a dream that may never
actualized. According to her, what should be constant in the life of a woman is
peace. “I don’t think getting married should be a priority again. What is
important is for a woman is to have peace.


all, what else do I want from God? I have a male child, Festus and a female,
Priscilla. Do we have another type other than male or the female??


further, the actress confessed that she has a man in her life, but the status
of their relationship does not guarantee coming together as husband and wife. “There
is a man in my life at the moment, but it does not mean that marriage is compulsory.


could only happen if we understand each other better; it’s going to be another
senseless decision, rushing in again. Definitely, one would still rush out. Then
why not stay alone and have peace, which is the ultimate??


It would
be recall that since Iyabo Ojo parted ways with her former hubby, she has
remained a single mother which she earlier admitted was hectic, but according
to the Ogun State born actress, life must go on.

geo-best wrote:
live is more suitable when woman is under the control of man. pls put youself the control of someone who care for needs so as not mess your self around those sugar daddy in movie indusry. think twice
Leye wrote:
I will suggest you take your time and look for a man that will love you for what you are. Single parenting is not African, it will make you lose respect.
Smiley wrote:
Well,life is all abt ups n down,but i will not advice u to be a single mother.It's either u gi ve urself time 2 look out for a man that will respect u,conside r u as his better half n he's ready to b a ca ring father for ur child ren.Every is not all abt money!money!!money!!!. It's abt who cares n who u care for, n don't say u want a man dat com es out of d blues(per fect man) only God is perfect. I wish u d be st God offers n not what life can offer cos life can be wicked at times.PEACE.
richyrichy wrote:
Well done,i wil lik 2 tel u dat two is beta than one.If u think u alone can do the good of u but i know u alone can not do the work.B4 its too late 4 u beta find somone dat wil cherish wat u are n hav i.e reliable
yinka wrote:
i think u need to talk ur time and look for the rite man that will love u 4 who u are not what he want to get froom u.
Deola wrote:
Don't you think that being married gives one respect from people that respect and admire you rather than staying single.Am sorry to say this but the tattoo on your body is too much, it gives people bad thinking about you. So, take care of your self and settle down with someone and don't be too proud.
Taiwo Olaoluwa wrote:
Iyabo pls dont leave ur husband go and marry him again
okoye wrote:
Seek first the kingdom of God and every other thing shall follow.
okoye wrote:
Seek first the kingdom of God and every other thing shall follow.
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