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Mohammed Babangida Takes A New Wife
There has been speculations that Mohammed’s first marriage was undergoing crisis and lots of curiosity as to why the young handsome deviated from his father's footsteps of one wife. Getting Mohammed Babangida to talk about social issues is one herculian task, this is because Mohammed's believes that family issues must be guarded jealously and are not for public consumption remained unchanged until recently when the handsome Polo player who owns the popular El Amin team, says his decision to take a second wife is “all an act of God?

Mohammed Babangida why did you take a second wife? Why didn’t you follow your father’s steps and marry just one wife?
I really believe that everybody’s destiny is separate and different. This is perhaps, what I believe God had destined what will happen in my life and as a strong believer in Islam; I take it as one of those destinies I have to pass through. Nobody could change that.
That’s what I strongly believe.

Your Dad and Mum, having married only once, one would believe they wouldn’t have allowed you to go through that path?
I actually feel differently to that of thinking because everybody is a different person and then if it is ordained by your religion, then it is very difficult to say my parents will do this or do that. For us, I think the religion is our ultimate guide, we abide by whatever they teach as regards the religion and we try as much as we can to be very supportive and very prayerful in any activity embarked upon.

So how did your parents take the issue of your second marriage?
I think their problem was more out of concern on how I will cope, on how I can achieve being fair to both parties. That was perhaps, the most prominent issue, because our religion has said we have to be fair to both parties, It is only human for one to perhaps, lean more on one than the other and there are consequences if you do that. I had to go through a lot of teaching, a lot of understanding and counseling to believe that I understand what the implications are.

How did Rahama absorb the fact that you had to take a second wife?
Yeah, as I said, everybody’s destiny is different. I don’t think it is fair to base our judgments on the fact that Mohammed should do X. My father’s destiny is very different from mine. I didn’t join the military , he did. What is important, is that the family unit at all times will be cohesive, will still remain very strong, very united and we all should be there for one another. We have no issues there.

People have assessed you as "Mohammed is very cool and calm, but inside him, in all his actions, he is a rebel." Do you agree?
Yes, Mohammed is cool and quiet. That is true, that’s how I have been all my life. Not much can change that. Whether I am a quiet rebel…. I don’t think so. Rebellion whether quiet or loud, that definitely is not me. Definitely!

So, how did Rahama take the whole episode?
I think initially my first wife took it with the hope that it will blow over. She didn’t let go of that hope, for any woman; naturally, it’s bound to be a tough issue to handle. She sees me as her ‘empire’, and she definitely will not want to share that ’empire’. But that also brings us back to that issue of the same religion that binds all of us. She has come to realization that this is the will of God and we cannot do anything to change that. There are about three things we cannot change one of which is your Death, when your time comes you can’t change that.The second is Marriage. Definitely you can’t change it. When your time to marry comes you can’t change who the person will be. And when it comes to being born, you definitely can’t change that. She has come to that realization and I am happy that every thing is now becoming settled, normal.

There were stories in town that you had divorced Rahama, that there were crisis in the house before you married Umma, that she was not in support and even moved out ot the house. Are these true?
One thing for sure you can’t take away after the stories you have heard, is that Rahama is my wife and she is my wife and she is the mother of my children. So no matter what talk anybody peddles, you definitely cannot take that away from her. You will not also take the fact that she is my wife away from me. Listen, the fact is that we jointly looked at this issue and it goes beyond rumor. You know, the Babangidas are not just ordinary people. We are people that have a lot of impact in the society in terms of what ever we do or whatever we say. Naturally, you will hear rumors. You actually will hear these stories from people who are trying to break the marriage. They will always be there. You also have others who you will see are trying to bring cohesion and unity into the marriage. This is the situation as ordained by God and we are working with it, I don’t know Mohammed as being the first, nor will be the last. The situation is not extraordinary, it’s a normal situation.

What is the relationship between your two wives?
I think to a certain extent they’ve met before in the past. The relationship is very cordial. There is no animosity, there’s no friction.

Let’s look at the situation of your sister, Aishat getting married a second time and you getting married a second time, How will you explain that coincidence?
I always think about that and I laugh. It’s like there is a kind of bond between sister and I. We got married more or less about the same time. She came out of her marriage, and remarried and went in as a second wife to Governor of Zamfara. About the same time, I was taking a second wife, maybe, there is a link between her path and mine, but it was never rehearsed.

We were told that yours would have come first but you deferred to her?
Let me come in here, People will always give insinuations about us. Yes, we are close, there are just four of us children in the family and we’ve always been close, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we chose the same path because of our closeness. Everybody has a separate and distinct life to live, very separate from the fact that we are from the same father and mother.

Since you are guided by the injunctions of Islam, is there any possibility in future that Mohammed will go the whole hog and take a third and fourth wife?
For me, I think I just enjoy every day that comes by the Grace of the Almighty. I cannot predict what will happen tomorrow. I can’t predict, I can’t claim to know and I don’t even want to see the futre. All I will do is continuein prayer and trying to be the most loving husband to my wives and also to my lovely children. I will take every day one step at a time, for now, I am actually content with the path that my life is taking; I have no issues to be upset with.

Why did it take you a whole 14 years to realize you loved Umma so much and that you want to spend the rest of your life with her?
You can’t really peg it at 14 years because the issue of marriage never came up from day one. We have been close friends since 1995 and along the way; the issue of marriage did come but much later on in the journey of that relationship. For me I think it was extraordinary whatever happened, you know, because we started first with notion of let be together. It then dawned on us that yes we want to live the rest of our lives together. But God in his own infinite way showed us otherwise at that time, because I ended up marrying somebody else and then over time, again it reemerged and that is how we were able to redeem the situation. Again, things are not under our control. We just have to obey the will of God.

How did you meet her the first time?
I met her through mutual friends in Kano.

At what point in your marriage with Rahama did the feelings for Umma re-emerge?
I am not at liberty to say. What you ask are very personal issues and it makes no sense making them public issues. They are things that are very dear to us and I believe you can understand where I am coming from.

Talk about both of your wives.
They are both very unique individuals. One has been with me for four years and has kids for me. I cherish that more than anything else in the world. The other is just coming in and trying to settle and create a family for herself as well. They’re all very unique individuals. They all have their weaknesses, they all have their strength. You cannot make comparisons. No you can’t!

simon chingoma wrote:
The father Babagidan is a principled and a great man u dont expect the children to follow his path.His story might end up been like that of David in the bible.That the sins of the father.
razz wrote:
eku!!!!!!!!! with this your come and do eyes? the chick u get for house no do u. kai! we need to check your DNA cos ur papa no do this kain thing oh!
jossy wrote:
bros mohammed, abeg leave God out of this matter oh! na God tell u make u scope another babe when u get brain & beauty for house?
solo wrote:
rahama, pls take heart, God will help you. such is life when u marry a man that has never worked for the money he spends all his life
texas ranger wrote:
Why is he tryin to justify his second marriage with God.. That just doent make any sense..
daro wrote:
bros, keep marrying all them girls in the north, money dey afterall you no dey work for money; it runs in the family (stolen wealth) but your spirit no lead you come south oh!
Oduako James Emamode wrote:
Bros ,u say na Baba God tell u say make u marry wife no 2 wen 2morrow come and u marry the wife no 3 u go dey talk say na Baba God say make u marry,wel may God 4give u.
victor counted wrote:
that's really ab sort. following his father footsteps...
Dr Dhagma wrote:
Shame on you moha! you are just a disgrace. remember when you were marrying that most beautiful girl in Naija , what you said......"I will not marry another woman bcos i lov her so much". you are just a disgrace to manhood
Dr Bello wrote:
Mohammed, i dont really have much to say to you than JUSTICE.Be fair to both wives and do justice at all times.
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